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Last updated on 2018.09.25

TileZero TileZero game
Challenge yourself with TileZero game and assess your skill with TwoA's analytics.
Or play the balanced mode that adapts difficulty to your evolving skill level.
Nurture your mathematical, spatial, and problem-solving skills with this game.Play
TwoA Adaptation and Assessment
(TwoA) component

C# (v1.25) and TypeScript (v1.2) libraries with source code are available on Github.Download
Pre-Attentive and Attentive Vision (PAAV) Module for ACT-R Pre-Attentive and Attentive Vision module
Add more variety to the modelled visual task with PAAV!. This is the one module that does not blink during a task! Or does it?Download

  • Who I am

    My name is Enkhbold Nyamsuren. I am a cognitive scientist with an inclination toward research and development with practical implications. My interests lie in cognitive modeling of visual perception and decision making, educational psychology, and game-based learning technologies.

    Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Welten Institute of the Open University in Netherlands. I conducting research within the context of the RAGE project for establishing an applied gaming ecosystem in Europe. I am the primary developer for the Adaptation and Assessment (TwoA) component designed for real-time automatic assessment and adaptation of player skill and game difficulty. I am also a major contributor to the development of the RAGE Client-side Asset Architecture. I have also made significant contributions to the development of the RAGE Ecosystem and RAGE Asset Metadata Wizard..

    If you want to know more then check out my research page and other pages.

  • My research

    Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Psychological Methods group at the Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam. The group is headed by Prof. dr. Han van der Maas and focuses on developing new methods and procedures for studying human cognition. They developed online educational web application called MathsGarden that allows students to improve their cognitive skills by playing educational games, teachers to monitor students' progress, and researchers to gather data and study effects of online games on students' cognitive skills.

    I got my PhD from the Department of Artificial Intelligence of University of Groningen. My supervisor and promotor was Niels Taagen. My PhD research focused on modeling believable game opponents using ACT-R cognitive architecture. I would define believable as being potentially as smart as human but also prone to make the same mistakes as humans make. My work includes not only development of models and cognitive theories to explain human behavior, but also development of software tools to model proposed cognitive processes. PAAV is one such tool developed as an extension to ACT-R default vision module. HRM is another tool I am working on. It introduces a task-general automatic reasoning ability to ACT-R based on task-specific declarative instructions. Together, HRM and PAAV provide two essential functionalities necessary for any complex problem-solving task: real-time information gathering and reasoning. Check out my Research or Models page for more details.

  • What is new

    November 2018 7-8 November 2018: I will be attending the Joint Conference on Serious Games 2018 at the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, Darmstadt city, Germany. As part of the conference, I and my colleague Wim van der Vegt will organize an invited workshop on making serious games with resuable software components. Join us, develop and play games, and see how the TwoA component works in practice.

    September 2018 28 September 2018: RAGE is participating in the mini-conference on quality of games organized by Saganet and DGA. I will be attending the event as well. There will be a short pitch of my TwoA component. The event takes place at a beautiful location in the middle of Amsterdam, namely the former navy area. Host is IJsfontein. More info here.

    26-27 September 2018: Extended RAGE project meeting at Utrecht.

    August 2018 21-25 August 2018: RAGE project is having a booth at Gamescom (Cologne, Germany). Visit us. Talk to academics, game developers, and educational practitioners participating in the project. Watch and play our demos.

    July 2018 05 July 2018: NHTV students present best games during Showcase day. Students present their best games and graduation projects to the professional field. The games and projects are diverse, varying from online multiplayer shooters, a strategy game for the PlayStation 4, to a custom engine on the Nintendo Switch. Visitors can play all exhibited games this day.

    June 2018 18 June 2018: The Adaptation and Assessment (TwoA) component v1.2.5 implemented in TypeScript is now available in Github. Read more about the component here

    12 June 2018: NHTV and Saganet organized a one day seminar on the latest game and media technologies with emphasis on VR and AR.

    06 June 2018: A one-day bootcamp on "Pretend play & Imagination" at Aarhus University. Speakers included Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley), Jacqueline D. Woolley (University of Texas), Robert Lecusay (Jonkoping University), and Stephanie M. Carlson (University of Minnesota). Let me know if you are also attending the bootcamp.

    May 2018 08 May 2018: EC review report for the RAGE project is out, and it is very positive. Our team at the OUNL also received a praise for a good project management: "The project is properly governed, with a good balance of strategic decisions and management solidity". Overall, the RAGE project is evaluated very highly: "RAGE is a flagship project that has the chance and duty to influence and 'drive' the serious games and applied games market, as well as provide an opportunity to connect a wide range of stakeholders.". Yet, the expectations for the final year of the project are also high!

    April 2018 The RAGE project passes the second EC commission review with an excellent evaluation.

    March 2018 TwoA 1.25 written in C# is available here. Now, it includes an extended API, a calibration phase, and less biased scenario selection algorithm.

    February 2018 A three-part video tutorial for integrating the TwoA component into your development project is avaiable on youtube: part 1, part 2, part 3.

    January 2018 The RAGE ecosystem with open-source pedagogical components is up and running here https://gamecomponents.eu.